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Franchisee RequirementsMonday March 20, 2006 11:21 PM


Prospective Franchisee Requirements


Financial qualifications will be our first step requiring all of our franchisees to submit personal financial statements. Your banker can help with this or we can walk you thru it. We will review your completed application, your net worth and the liquidity of your financial statement.


To financially qualify you will need a net worth of at least $100,000.

and have approximately $35,000. in liquid assets. A typical full size restaurant will cost between $36,000. and $202,000. to get open.


Your local bank and the Small business Administration are two excellent sources of financing. Virginia Barbeque Franchise Company can assist you in gathering the information and references necessary to help you fulfill the application requirements established by your lender.


A high quality location to help ensure your success will also be mandatory in the granting of a franchise license. Our locations will typically be located in a strip center next to a high volume retailer. (Lowes, Walmart, Foodlion etc.) New shopping centers will generally be cheaper to open because the basic “Build Out” will be done by the contractor of the center. If the lease is signed before this phase is completed.


Several layouts are available for consideration. A 1000-1200 square foot Take Out location, typically with seating for 10-15 guests, is a way to conserve your capitol but remember with less space comes potentially less volume that the operation can handle.

 Our full size 1500-2000 square foot quick service restaurants provide plenty of space for pick up and drop off catering. These will generally have seating for 36-50 guests. End units on strip center should consider a drive thru or outdoor seating for increased sales and volume.


All of our candidates will be asked to complete a McQuaig Word Survey. This is a behavioral profiling survey that determines the optimal fit of a potential franchisee to our organization. Virginia Barbeque is committed to creating a great life and business opportunity for all involved in our company. We are looking for a proper fit between our franchisees and the Virginia Barbeque lifestyle to ensure our continued success!


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