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Franchise InfoMonday March 20, 2006 11:20 PM
Congratulations! You are taking the first step to changing your destiny! Our casual jeans and a t-shirt lifestyle, and the fulfillment of creating "Raving Fans" of the finest barbeque sets Virginia Barbeque apart from the others!



Steps to Becoming a Virginia Barbeque Franchisee


The Application

     If you, after reading our brochure and eating at a restaurant believe you are qualified to become a restaurant owner carefully complete the franchise application and return it to us today. Then call and let’s set up a meeting!


Come Meet Me at an Existing Location

     Come on down to introduce yourself and lets go out to see a restaurant.  It is sure much easier to answer your questions and to help you better understand the inner workings of our restaurants if we are in one. Come meet other owners to pick their brains as to what skills are needed to suceed.


 The Uniform Franchise Offering Circular

     Once we have received your application and you have been pre qualified financially we will get you our UFOC. (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) This is Virginia Barbeque Franchise Companies disclosure document and related contracts.

It contains information about our company, our officers and owners, a sample franchise agreement and a summary of costs. Along with a description of the general operations of the company. Review the UFOC carefully. You have 10 days after receipt of these documents before we can complete the agreement.


The Franchise Agreement

     After reviewing the UFOC and doing your “due diligence”(by contacting current franchisees, asking questions, creating your plan and finding some potential sites in your available area)

and, after we at “Big Pig” corporate give the green light to your application we will plan to meet for the signing of the franchise agreement. We will assign your territory, begin work on the real estate selection site and get another New Pig in Town opened!


Real Estate Acceptance

     We will help you identify appropriate locations for your restaurant. All financial decisions are strictly yours. We provide support and help in determining the most effective approach to your market. Our team will review your location to confirm it meets our standards. After acceptance of the location the restaurant build out process may begin.

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