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Barbeque Classics


In order to truly gauge just how good the food is here, we’ve put together some yummy combos to give you a sample of our world!

Pork BBQ Sandwich, two sides, iced tea or lemonade

Beef BBQ Sandwich, two sides, iced tea or lemonade

Chicken BBQ Sandwich, two sides, iced tea or lemonade

Chicken Tenders (3), two sides, iced tea or lemonade

Our Original Virginia BBQ Sandwich

Virginia’s traditional style, hand-pulled pork, tossed in a flavorful homemade BBQ sauce, served on a fresh roll. Our best seller!

The Classic NC BBQ Sandwich

Folks down in North Carolina would never put none of that red stuff on no BBQ, so this one is for them! We season this BBQ with a perfect blend of champagne vinegar and whole grain spices. Served on a fresh roll. Yummy!

Texas BBQ Beef Sandwich

Brisket beef, smoked to perfection, the only way they eat beef in Texas...And...Oh yeah, hey Lady, we found the BEEF!

All Beef Hot Dogs

Split and grilled with chili and cheese if you desire

St. Louis Smoked Slabs of Ribs

A perfectly smoked rack of pork ribs seasoned just right, we must issue a warning that in your haste to get these ribs down, be careful not to mistake your finger for a rib! Two sides included!

RotisiQUE Chicken BBQ Sandwich

What´s BBQ without sides?

Bomb French Fries

We apologize for serving hot, fresh, bomb fries, we know that’s not what you’re accustomed to eating.

Roasted Red Potato Salad

You know, usually we give a description of our foods, but for security reasons, we can’t reveal our recipe. Um, we are not kidding, ok?

Southern slaw

It’s fabulous...enough said.

Baked Beans

Seasoned beans with mustard and ketchup, sweet brown sugar and spices, and remember...? They are good for your heart!

Corn Bread Muffins

We do something a little different with our corn bread, try it and find out what!


Sampler Platter

1/3 Rack Ribs, 1/4 Rotisserie chicken, or 4oz. BBQ and two sides

Pork Platter

1/2 Pint of pork, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and corn bread

Beef Platters

1/2 Pint of beef BBQ, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and corn bread

Novice BBQ Sampler Platter

For the people (most often from New York) that want to know what BBQ, pronounced BAH-BA-Q, tastes like we offer 3 oz NC BBQ, 3 oz VA BBQ and 3 oz TX BBQ,and two sides


Pork BBQ per Pint

Beef BBQ per Pint

Chicken BBQ per Pint

All sides available per pint


Fresh Baked Cookies

Lemonade, tea, and soda


1 Pint of pork BBQ any style (add $1 for beef), 1 Pint of baked beans,

1 Pint coleslaw, 4 pieces of corn bread

4 regular buns/add $2 for JJ Cassone Kaisers. Feeds a family of four.


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