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Hand Pulled Smoked Pork BBQ (4-1 pound packages)
Our smoked pork BBQ is hand pulled from Boston Butts smoked in small batches at low temperatures with hickory wood smoke! 4-1 pound packages with 18 ounces of our VA BBQ sauce will make 25 sandwiches!
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Hand-Pulled Smoked Texas Beef Brisket (4-1 pound package)
Our briskets are smoked for 12 hours, Whats left? Lean smoky BEEF, hand-pulled and tossed with pan drippings. 4 pounds of our pulled Beef Brisket in pan drippings makes 20 full sandwiches!
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Smoked Pulled Lean Boneless Chicken BBQ (4-1 pound package)
Our smoked chicken spends hours in our rotisserie smoker with pure hickory. Our hand pulled Chicken is a natural mix of white and dark meats in juices with our secret chicken rub imparted before smoking. 4 pounds of our Chicken BBQ mixed with Sauce makes 25 sandwiches.
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Slabs of Smoked St Louis Pork RIBS (2 racks vacuum packaged, or approximately 3 pounds total)
Our smoky pork ribs pull right off the bone. We dry rub these with our secret spices and smoke them for as long as it takes. 2 Full size racks of our famous St Louis Ribs serve 4 people!
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Mini Sweet Corn Muffin Mix (1 pound package)
One of our customer favorites! These sweet mini muffins are soft, tender, sweet and yummy! Serve them with your BBQ meal for that true "Genuine Southern" experience. The best muffin mix anywhere! A 1 pound package of our mix makes 15 muffins.
$4.99 + S/H
Hush Puppy Mix (1 pound package)
Our crispy tender hush puppies can be made right at home and its easy! Simply deep fry for that authentic VA BBQ taste at your next meal! A 1 pound package of our mix makes 30 hush puppies.
$4.99 + S/H
Our Southern Cole Slaw mix
We provide you with all the spices and seasonings needed to prepare our classic southern slaw dressing at home. Simply just add mayonnaise and vinegar and pour over your shredded cabbage.
$2.99 + S/H
Virginia BBQ Sauce 1-18 ounce bottle
Our original classic VA sauce is a sweet smoky tomato sauce that has brought the customers in for over a decade.
$4.99 + S/H
NC BBQ Sauce 1-18 ounce bottle
A Carolina Classic, we make this sauce with the finest champagne and cider vinegar and whole spices available. We feel that this is the finest Carolina sauce on the market.
$4.99 + S/H
VA BBQ Hot Sauce 1-18 ounce bottle
Our VA sauce that has been kicked up with heat. It is quickly becoming one of our biggest sellers!
$5.25 + S/H


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